We are a precision machining company. We are an industrial engineering company because we do product engineering and manufacturing engineering. We develop manufacturing technology and manufacturing integration.  Our products are precision machinery parts and we use machines like the lathe. Our customers are automotive, industrial, heavy truck and aerospace industries. We focus on assembly, production, precision, parts assembly and machine shop. We use computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines and computer-aided manufacturing (cam). We believe in just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and on-time delivery. We value quality assurance and total quality management (TQM). We continually implement a value-added process and continuous improvement technology.

LJ Elliott, President and Owner

LJ Elliott is a leader in organization systems and development with 30 plus years of diverse business experience with manufacturing and service-oriented companies. He has been involved with both internal and external consulting plus organizational development in his career.  His focus is on using his education and experience to provide positive common sense results to leadership and employment issues.  In his corporate career, he was worked with several Fortune 1000 companies in automotive, aerospace, electronics manufacturing and the waste management industry.  He was recently a top Human Resources leader with a large automotive manufacturing supplier and a diverse aerospace company.   In these roles, he was responsible for multi-site human resources processes including talent management, development and employee relations.  He is an executive recruiter and consultant and the Co-Owner and President of CrossRidge Precision in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Elliott is a facilitator, trainer, presenter and speaker on various leadership topics. His approach to leadership development is one that incorporates experience, intelligence and common sense with a dosage of humor. Leadership topics are included as a core area of training for all leaders with in organizations. He has taught the subject of leadership to over 1000 leaders throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. He is also a subject matter expert of the subject of Followership, Facilitation, and Insights Discovery.  Since 2005, he has been using the Topgrading approach towards selection in order to find “A Players” for his organizations.

Elliott received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Industrial Labor Relations from the State University of New York. He also has a Master of Science degree in Human Relations Management from Cumberland University and worked on a Doctor of Business Administration degree (ABD) from Northcentral University. He is a member of the faculty for University of Phoenix in their online business program, is a certified facilitator through the Center for Creative Leadership, and has a professional certificate in organizational development through the University of North Carolina.