Environmental Services

At CrossRidge Environmental, our technical staff with a combined experience of over 100 years has the expertise to service your oxidizers and other high temperature applications. We offer preventive and predictive maintenance services along with complete rebuilds, media changes and system upgrades. We service all manufacturers’ oxidizers; multi-tower, rotary valve systems, diverter valve systems and poppet valve systems.

We specialize in combustion systems optimizations and upgrades, system relocation, new and refurbished oxidizers. Paint cure ovens, batch ovens and high temperature kilns are among our many areas of expertise.

Other services provided by CrossRidge Environmental:

PLC control troubleshooting, upgrades and remote monitoring systems.

Pre-compliance testing – Why wait and fail at state compliance test? At CrossRidge Environmental we can determine if your system is compliant at a fraction of the cost of failing a state test.

Insulation Repairs: Repair hot spots in your combustion chamber to complete refractory change.

Media changes: Does your system have the correct media for your application? Call CrossRidge Environmental to have our engineers evaluate your current application.

Rotary valve issues? Don’t replace that valve until speaking with our rotary valve specialists. We offer valve modifications that are cost effective and reliable. Tired of replacing the main support bearing every 6 months due to failure? CrossRidge Environmental offers our RBL-1 lubricant and we guarantee against bearing failure at half the cost of the OEM’s PTFE based lubricant.

Need source ducting, diverter valves, poppet disks or a new stack? Call CrossRidge Environmental for a competitive quote. We do all manufacturing in-house where quality control is paramount.